Rights and duties of Consortium Members

  1. Consortium members do not have the legal, property and other liability for the results of the Consortium. The Consortium is not liable for the obligations of the Participant.
  2. Participants have the right to:
    • to elect and be elected in the management of the Consortium;
    • to represent the Consortium in its relations with third parties;
    • to have access to information, educational, scientific and methodological materials, and development in the mineral resources and the energy topics, as well as to laboratory equipment of the members upon consultation with the members (on contractual basis);
    • to participate in contests, programs, projects as part of the Consortium for two-or multilateral basis with other Members;
    • to take part in all the scientific and entertainment events of the Consortium;
    • to participate in scientific publishing activities of the Consortium;
    • to receive information on the activities of the Consortium that Consortium has.
  3. Consortium members are required to:
    • to protect the interests of the Consortium in its relations with the third parties;
    • to promote the comprehensive development of the Consortium;
    • to maintain the confidentiality of information relevant scientific and commercial in nature, determined by appropriate documentation of the Consortium;
    • to notify the Members of the Consortium on the essential work of the Consortium information and materials related to the activities of the Consortium.
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